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Apostolic Fire Fellowship, International (AFF Int’l) was founded by Apostle Larry G. Brown, Sr., in 2019. AFF Int’l is unique because it is not limited to any denominational ministry model.

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AFF Int'l exists so that ministries and leaders are trained, inspired, and released to make a difference in the world while preserving the teachings and integrity of the Church.

We provide:

1. Apostolic Covering - Spiritual covering for ministries and churches.

2. Leadership Training and Development - Pastoral, Eldership, Ministerial, and Adjutant training.  

3. Networking opportunities with other ministries, regardless of size.

4. We are committed to growing healthy, ethical, and professional leaders and ministries committed to advancing the gospel of Christ while meeting the practical and spiritual needs of national and international communities as funding becomes available. 

5. The financial cost of membership is meager compared to other fellowships.

Our U.S. based fellowship churches have a global viewership. Additionally, AFF Int'l officially issued licenses and appointed leaders in India, Pakistan, Kenya, Sierra Leonne, and Ghana.  

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