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Geneice Brown, originally from Chicago, Illinois, cultivated her faith from a young age, guided by her mother's nurturing influence and the leadership at Healing Temple Church of God in Christ (COGIC). With the Holy Spirit as her guide, she has spent over two decades passionately teaching and preaching the Gospel of Christ, embodying humility and dedication. In addition to her ministry, she is a praying mother to daughter Berkys and son Larry Jr.


In her multifaceted roles as a Minister, Evangelist, Elder, Prophetess, and Pastor, Geneice has shown an unwavering commitment to disseminating God's word. Her co-founding of the Spirit of Truth Deliverance Church (SOTDC) in April 2000, alongside her husband, marked the beginning of a significant ministry that extends its services to first ladies and pastors.


At SOTDC, she serves in various leadership positions, including Intercessory Prayer Leader and Director of the Women's Ministry. She also oversees the National/International Women’s Ministry for the Apostolic Fire Fellowship International, which was established in 2019. Her leadership is not merely administrative but deeply anchored in the belief in the transformative power of fervent prayer.


Known affectionately as Pastor G, her renowned hospitality and the way she embodies Christ's teachings in her daily interactions impact many, both seen and unseen. She advocates for a genuine relationship with Christ beyond superficial adherence to religious formality and tradition.


With a solid educational foundation in Theology and Christian Counseling, Pastor G places the highest value on the knowledge and insights gained through years of service, wisdom, faith, and divine anointing.


Alongside her husband, Apostle Larry G. Brown, Sr., their shared mission is to greatly impact global communities and expand God's Kingdom through various initiatives, including spiritual conferences, marriage seminars, revivals, and crusades.


Pastor G draws inspiration and guidance from Philippians 4:13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength (NLT). This scripture is the bedrock of her daily life, motivating her and those around her to achieve their utmost potential through Christ.


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Pastor Geneice Brown

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